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Solve the riddle of the great king!

Prototype # 6 / 8 + Emergence (7 / 8)

General Information:

  • Genre: puzzle
  • Unusual game mechanics:  changing the mode of interaction with the world through interactive objects of the world
  • Warning: play with headphones!

You are an adventurer and you are about to discover the truth about one of the ancient legends of the great king. The game has three different endings, can you solve them all?


  • Ghosts are afraid of fire and disappear
  • Some resources may run out, think better
  • You can die!


  • W, A, S, D - Movement
  • Space - Jupm
  • LMB - Fire
  • RMB - Discharge


DeadKing.7z 542 MB
DeadKing.zip 733 MB

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