A downloadable game for Windows

A fast-paced roguelike shooter with a strong focus on deckbuilding and talent synergies.

It fuzes together the dynamic of Doom and thoughtful gameplay and tons of replayability of Slay the Spire.

  • Destroy them with an arsenal of incredibly powerful abilities, each with multiple applications.
  • Combine 100+ unique talents to find your own build.
  • Be smart, be fast, or be dead...


Lets share score numbers in the comment section! (the number on your death screen)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsIlya Nedikov, Dan_Tat, Geckostya
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsDeck Building, First-Person, FPS, Magic, Roguelike, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Imbalance.zip 438 MB

Install instructions

For Windows: Unzip archive and run .exe file

Development log


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Holy crap I just thought of this game, checked it, and holy god this looks frickin amazing


I was wondering where this game went. It was originally called TWO HANDED MAGE, and when I noticed I wasn't pulling results after reinstalling, No WONDER it wasn't there, it was renamed to Imbalance. Can't wait to see what's improved.


We have done a complete rebranding
Hope, no one will loose our game because of this)


Saw the update to the name. It'll really help those who knew this as Two Handed Mage prior to the rebrand.


Love it, the fast-paced action and being able to change my playstyle acoording to the abilities I got.

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Nice! This is what we were aiming for)
Thank you for playing

It has been so long... has there been any new updates?

Coming back from 6 months ago lol

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Hello there!
Yeah, it has been so long
Unfortunately, development speed is a bit slow now, but fortunately it is stable
We already have some cool changes, but we are trying to accumulate more for the next update

*fallout music plays*

P.S.: by now check out some of the new concepts 
They may not end up in the final game but you know this guy)


Very cool design! I love how the developers still pay attention to this game and keep updating it.

Pssst, new update is finally here!

Im attempting to play the game but after hitting launch nothing happens even though itch launcher says its running

Try out this link


Sorry i figured out the issue, launching after completing the download wont load the game properly, only runs if i ran it through my library not the actual page

Have fun!

What is your platform?


Try to beat my record in 14.47 scores and put your proofs below! Btw wave 15 is pretty hard


Nice build)

(1 edit) (+3)

Great game. Love fast paced games. 


Thank you for playing and recording! We’re really appreciate it, so I even noticed some minor bugs and we’ll fix it soon.


Very fun 

lots of interesting perks like the combos you can do with some abilities


could use more polish more enemy types (not too much flying ones) progression and it also started my steamvr for some reason


Thank you for playing and reviewing!
Yeah, more content and polish is one of our main development directions.
We'll check the steamvr bug, it could be something connecting with build settings, I guess.

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This game is incredibly fun. Although, there are a few preferences I would like with this.

1. Upgrades or flat out new weapons. The combat is fun, but the weapons are slightly bland or generic. If you could, an upgrade system would be nice. For example, you can have something as simple as an extra shotgun burst to something a bit more complicated to a fireball burn radius. If possible, add a melee option.

2. Mobility. The mobility is decent. It doesn't feel as smooth and fast as I would hope it would.  An extra mobility option, faster movement, or drift would be nice.

3. This might be a bit much, but different characters. Their stats could be different, so, for instance, a glass canon, or a tank.

4. Finally more enemies. It is slightly tiring to fight the same three characters but with more health. A few extra enemies would be very cool. If possible, even a few bosses.

Final rating:

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Thanks for playing!
Bosses would be nice)
Although, can't promise anything for now.

Hello. I am having troubles downloading the game. May I request a video on how to download it? Or, as an alternative (maybe a harder one, maybe not idk) make it a downloadable folder file? Please, and thank you.

Hi! Can you explain further about your problems?
What system do you have? PC or Mac or Linux?


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For now you can try out this link:
1)Uzip THM.rar file using your favorite file archiver (like winrar);

2) Run TwoHandMage.exe;

3) Profit!

I am also having troubles with this. 

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What happens after you click on download button?

It says

"Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses.

THM.rar (173M) is too large for Google to scan for viruses. Would you still like to download this file?"

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That's ok. It says the same for me.
Just click download.
This happens just because the file is too large for google antivirus.
If you would like you can check it with your own antivirus after downloading.

Show post...


Thank you for playing!
Although, it's better to play tutorial first)


Interesting game! Though, I have a few criticisms. For one thing, fighting on just the one map made me often not feel like I was actually progressing, and like I was just doing the same thing over and over again, and the map was rather bland as well. On top of this, the music was slightly grating due to it being rather short and repetitive (I also think rock was the wrong genre and you should have had some kind of techno music, but that's just me!) In addition, I feel as though increasing the numeric values overall would be beneficial. There's no functional difference between  dealing 5 damage to a 20 health enemy and dealing 50 damage to a 200 health enemy, but it can help the player feel much more powerful when their damage numbers aren't in the single digits. Overall a great game and I'm looking forward to seeing if you add to the game!



Thank you for playing!
Also thanks for your criticism)
We are going to add more content in future updates, including new maps and music.

Btw, what is your score?
We hadn't added analytics system yet)

If you interested in future information about the game go to our telegram channel (t.me/thmproject). There you can communicate with the devs and other players. 
Do not be frightened about messages on Russian language)
Most people there know English, also important info will be on English)
Discord and twitter soon.